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Connect &
Transact Better

Download Spark to collaborate and transact better with your contacts. 

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Chat. Request. Send.

Instantly transfer funds with your contacts with ease.
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Clean & Clear
Transaction Records

All your activities on Spark are organised in one simple place.
In Spark Activity, you can view all your Account credits and debits, and keep track of your pending Money Requests. Spend more time transacting with your contacts, and less time worrying about your records.


Pool funds together

Create a Club today and interact with your group with ease. Every group gets its very own Club Account, so you can manage your group’s transactions and activities well. Collaborating around money has never been so fun and easy!

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Safety & Security is our top priority.

All of your data on Spark is encrypted and secure, and is never shared with any third parties.
Your privacy and safety means everything to us.


Hear from our customers

Managing welfare contributions for my transportation groups is so easy now. The Transparency Spark’s Shared Clubs brings keeps my members minds at ease.



Manager, Transportation Startup

I use Spark to budget for school fees and household expenses with my husband. I love the peace of mind of knowing I have funds set aside, and Spark’s Transaction Histories help me plan well.



Salaried Worker, Restaurant

I love how I can chat and transact with one place. My wife and I are always using Spark P2P to save money on transaction fees.



Manager, Art Gallery

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