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Pool funds together

Create a Club today and interact with your group with ease. Every group gets its very own Club Account, so you can manage your group’s transactions and activities well. Collaborating around money has never been so fun and easy!

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Quick & Easy
Group Transactions

Spark Clubs are the fastest and simplest way to make bulk transactions with your members. Instantly send and request money to up to 10 contacts.


Full Transparency
for all members

Easily keep track of what’s happening in the club.
Members of the club can view all transaction receipts, records, and money requests.


Free Joint Accounts

Every Club comes with its own dedicated joint account, called a Club Account.
Club Accounts let you and your members pool funds together for any purpose.
Customise how your Club Account works to fit your group’s unique needs.


Customise your club controls

Decide who can chat and share photos
Decide who can send and request money.
Decide who can invite others to join

Club Settings lets you decide how you and your members can collaborate. You can customise your controls to allow other members to assist, or restrict settings to only a few key people.


Add Co-Signers to your Club.

Approvers are co-singers to your Club Account.
Approvers must give their okay before any funds can be debited from the Club Account. You can assign up to 3 members to become Approvers.
Build more trust in your Club by adding Approvers today.

Spark up
new ways to collaborate with your group.

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