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How does Spark work?

Spark is an app that makes moving money easier for your groups. Spark’s tools let you:
  • Transact easily between multiple people
  • Track Payments in real-time and view transaction history
  • Manage your different financial clubs all in one place

Spark Clubs

Spark Clubs are social clubs created to make you transact in a seamless and better way. They are just like group chats, but with features that help you transact.

With Spark clubs, you can chat, send money, request money, get paid and grow your finance in a more secure, seamless and visible way.

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Spark Admins

On Spark, anyone can be an admin. An Admin creates or manages a club. They invite others, organize the club, initiate any transactions, and manage the end to end processes of a club. As an Admin, you can enjoy future benefit with spark.

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Spark Members

As a member, you can join a Spark Club. With your club, you can track member payments, request payments, send money, save and manage your money along with others.

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Based on how much you use Spark, we can give you access to Capital.

Spark Credit Levels

Join the in-app Waitlist for our Targeted Credit Offerings.

The more you use Spark, the faster you move up our waitlist.

Follow our rules to Level Up to even better terms.

Use Spark for all of your Business and social Club transactions to unlock our Targeted Credit Offerings

Get access to bigger amounts at cheaper interest rates

Get premier access to interest-free credit. If you repay early or on-time the interest is zero!

The Process

Download the FREE Spark App and register with your details. Create a Spark Club and invite your friends to join.
Chat with each other to decide what you want to do with your money next, from transacting with each other to choosing what to spend on next.


Step 1

Install the application.

Download the Spark App for FREE on the Google Play Store.


Step 2

Verify Phone number and finish

Verify your phone number and identification to set up your account in less than 3 minutes


Step 3

Start or Join a Club, Chat, and Transact.

Spark is better with friends. Invite your friends to Spark and Spark Up a Club of your choice

Explore Spark Clubs!

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Spark with us.

We merge messaging with transacting to make moving money easy in one app.

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