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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Spark is free to join and use.  Having a basic Spark account and multiple Spark Wallets, or participating in multiple Spark Clubs are all FREE. 
  2. It is also FREE to send money within Spark, from one Spark Member to another, whether they are in a Spark Club with you or not.  You can also invite non-members into Spark via Spark Send.
  3. Spark itself does not charge for deposits or withdrawals, but there may be some small third party fees charged by others when you move money in, or out, of Spark, depending on the source of your main wallet, such as MoMo or Bank Charges. We promise to do our best to negotiate to reduce these fees as our community grows.  
  4. If you qualify for a Spark Loan, there is small interest.
  1. Spark is built on top of MoMo, and is made to give you a better experience regardless of which MoMo Wallet you and your friends may each have.
  2. In many ways, Spark transactions are similar to MoMo, but way more easy and friendly to use, especially when doing anything socially with others. You can think of us as a Group MoMo app, or WhatsApp chat groups that have MoMo features easily accessible inside every chat.
  3. Our mission is to financially connect people and to each other and to extra capital. We are a social network first, with financial features inside, so you can have a special community made just for your finance, business and social commerce needs.

Simple. Go to your ‘Transaction Screen’ and tap ‘Withdraw Money’ to move money from your main Spark Wallet to your MoMo Wallet or Bank Account. We are adding more and more Wallet and Bank Partners everyday. If you don’t see your preferred wallet partner please contact us.

  1. As long as you pass basic KYC verification, then yes! Anyone can join Spark and start a Spark Club.
  2. Invite your friends into a Spark Club for any of your social money needs.
  1. Spark does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to credit, but we rather assess each individual on a case-by-case basis, and make a unique offering to them.
  2. Our credit offerings are tailored to each individual and their specific needs, measured against the risk we see in the given loan request.
  3. For example, we give business loans to select members, but the terms may vary depending on the risk and the business need. We also give special loans to salary workers at different levels and rates as their needs and risks are different from others.
  4. We make most of our credit decisions based on the data we have. So the more you receive business payments using Spark’s free tools, or participate in or host more Spark Clubs, the more we know about you and the more likely we are to service your credit needs fast and simply.
  5. Once you qualify and pay back well, we ‘Level’ you up and can give you bigger loans at a cheaper interest rate. Overall, the more we know we can trust you, the more we trust you well.
  6. We’re always working tirelessly to make credit more accessible to more people to help empower them financially. 
  7. If you don’t qualify, please do join our Waitlist and we’ll be in touch with you.
  1. For our best and most trustworthy members, we offer Interest-Free small personal monies. This means that if you pay back within the allotted time, the interest will be zero! 
  2. Think of this as an Emergency Loan but with no interest, so you can do things like; take care of small personal issues easily, or buy bulk data upfront to get a cheaper price.
  3. If you don’t qualify, please do join our waitlist and we’ll be in touch with you.
  1. No please, we are not. We are focused more on being a great frontend experience for you to move money socially. You are in control of your money with Spark, and we simply give you the tools, features and buttons to make directing your money super easy.
  2. Spark Wallet is seamlessly integrated with your MoMo wallet and/or bank account. All Spark Wallet funds are safely secured with our financial partners.
  3. Spark has applied for a Payment Service Provider License with the Bank of Ghana so that we can enable our services and empower you to make money more social and easy.
  4. Any loans granted via Spark are funded using Spark’s private funding.

Currently, we do not offer any interest on savings, but plan to in the future! Right now, we’re just focused on building a product that makes money more social and easy for you.

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